Aptoide Android

How to Download Aptoide

Aptoide should be sideloaded to your device through a reliable APK source. Tap the widget below to download the Aptoide Apk for Android

How to Use Aptoide

  1. Aptoide generally works the same way with Google Play Store. It features a marketplace for applications and mobile games that you can easily install on your device in just a few quick taps.
  2. To get started, download the Aptoide apk from its official site (aptoide.com).
  3. After successfully installing the APK file, launch the Aptoide app from your app drawer.
  4. You will be prompted to the home screen which comes with a navigation panel giving you quick access to Home, Editorial, Search, Stores, and Apps.
  5. Tap the Home Icon to access the marketplace and its featured content. There is a separate button for Games and Apps. Just tap your desired category and start browsing.
  6. Tap the Editorial icon from the navigation panel to see the latest apps and specific recommendations from the editors
  7. If you want to search for a specific application or mobile game, tap the Search icon from the lower panel. Here, you can input your query on the search bar field.
  8. Tap the Stores icon from the navigation panel to see all the compiled stores created by the Aptoide Community. This section will be very interesting for you if you want to discover games and applications and get away from the most popular developments. Use the Follow button to start following a store and keep track of its news.
  9. Tap the Apps icon to see the list of apps that you already installed. Here, you can manage your applications and update them if necessary.
  10. To install an app, simply tap your chosen application, hit the install button, and you are good to go.

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