Wordley, A New Word Puzzle Craze for Your Mobile

It is time to test your vocabulary skills with Wordley, a new daily word puzzle app for your device. Word puzzles have been around for ages even before personal computers and smartphones were invented. As we all embrace the dynamically-changing technology, word puzzles are constantly evolving which provides us all with new ways to entertain ourselves and to sharpen our minds at the same time. Classic word puzzles like Crosswords and Word Search can now be played more conveniently using our mobile devices. Popular board games like Scrabbles and Boggles also have their own mobile app counterparts to attract a new generation of word puzzle fans.

Apollo Game Studio recently introduced us to a new word game craze known as Wordley. The goal in this game is simple yet surprisingly challenging. Your objective is to guess the correct word in a very limited number of attempts. Unlike your typical word puzzles, this game will not throw some tricky anagrams nor shoot hefty hints to help you solve the puzzle. Instead, you have a cipher to guess the correct letters of the hidden word and color indicators to identify the proper placement of these letters. The concept behind this word puzzle is not entirely new as it works similarly to a classic Cryptogram while successfully incorporating new elements to it that make Wordley more fun and engaging. If you are up for a new word puzzle, feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills can take you.

wordley gameplayThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Wordley are generally simple and easily manageable. Simply download the Wordley: Daily Word Challenge app from Google Play Store to get started. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted to the main menu that allows you to pick between the two main campaigns; the Daily Word and the Unlimited Words mode. Both campaigns are available in three levels of difficulty (Easy, Classic, and Hard). The Daily Word campaign is your classic daily word challenge where the player is given one puzzle to solve every day (one for each difficulty). Each level of difficulty will only vary in terms of the length of the hidden word. For instance, Easy is a 4-letter word challenge while Classic requires players to guess a 5-letter word. Hard mode, on the other hand, features 6-letter words.

As soon as you enter the puzzle, it prompts you to empty grids of six rows. Each row signifies the number of attempts allotted for the players to guess the hidden word of the day. The lowermost portion of the game screen features a virtual QWERTY keyboard that acts as the “cipher”. Simply form a valid word using the cipher and tap the “submit” button. Every time you submit a word, it will occupy a row on the grid, and from here, the color indicators will help you identify the correct letters and the correct placement. You win the puzzle if you managed to guess the hidden word within the limited number of attempts. The quicker you solve the puzzle, the higher the score you will get.

Aside from the Daily Word campaign, players can also enjoy the Unlimited Words mode. The Daily Word mode is only limited to one puzzle a day and this campaign breaks that limitation by allowing you to play as many puzzles as you want.

wordley Color Indicators and Hints

The great thing about playing Wordley is the unpredictability of each puzzle. You’ll start guessing for the hidden word from scratch with no clues or hints to guide you. This means that the hidden word of the day can literally be anything. Luckily, as soon as you submit words, you will be guided by the color indicators. If the letter on the grid remains black, it means that it is NOT part of the hidden word. If the letter is highlighted in yellow, it means that the letter is part of the hidden word but is placed in the wrong position. The green-marked letters, on the other hand, indicate that the letter you submitted is part of the hidden word and is also in the correct position.

Despite all the color indicators, guessing the correct word is still a challenge. There are literally hundreds of possible valid words that can fit the puzzle. In this case, players can take advantage of Wordley’s Hints. By watching a reward video, the game will reveal one correct and properly-positioned letter of the hidden word. There are no limits on using Hints and you can use this feature as many times as you need.

Shareable Victory and Statistics

Wordley may not have an interactive leaderboard system but it comes with a Statistics chart. Interestingly, there is a separate chart for each campaign. The Statistic chart will display your progress including the number of times you played the campaign, the percentage of your wins, max streak, and current streak. It also highlights a bar graph to identify the number of guesses you most frequently solve the puzzles. The best part of this feature is that you can share your achievements with your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

You can either share your entire All-time statistics or you can share your daily victories every time you solve the hidden word of the day. While Wordley doesn’t have any multiplayer features, the shareable stats can be an effective and entertaining way to challenge your social media friends.

The Verdict

With the growing number of word game puzzles on the market today, Wordley offers a very refreshing approach and gives us a new way to enjoy word puzzles. It is generally simple yet surprisingly tricky and unpredictable which provides this game an impressive replay value. Best of all, this game also works well even without an Internet connection that allows you to play Wordley anytime and anywhere you want regardless of the network conditions. In addition to that, the app is notably light and it won’t consume much of your phone storage.

Word puzzles are naturally simple but they are proven effective to improve the memory and cognitive function of our brain which makes Wordley an ideal puzzle for gamers of all ages. Plus, it is an effective stress reliever too! Currently, Wordley is available for Android devices and you can download this fun and addictive word game for free. Good luck and have fun!

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