Waffle Word, A New Addictive Word Puzzle To Test Your Vocabulary

From the same team behind Word Challenge (formerly known as Wordley) comes a new exciting word puzzle that will surely put your vocabulary skills to a great test. Waffle Word is the newest addition to Apollo Game Studio’s growing collection. Similar to Word Challenge, Waffle Word is a unique variation of the classic Cryptogram puzzle. The main objective is to guess all the jumbled words by rearranging all the letters on the given grid. Like how a typical cryptogram puzzle works, the players will have ciphers or color indicators to help them identify the mystery words.

Although it embraces the concept of the classic cryptogram, Waffle Word is incorporated with unique puzzle elements. It is a wonderful merge between a Cryptogram and a Crossword puzzle that added more complexity to the word game. What makes Waffle Word even more challenging is the limited number of moves that players are allotted.  If you are up for a challenge, feel free to explore Waffle Word and see how far your skills can take you.

WaffleThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Waffle Word are generally simple yet surprisingly tricky. To get started, simply download the app game from the Google Play Store. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to a waffle-like 5×5 grid (hence the title). There is a total of six 5-letter words to solve to complete the game; three of which are aligned horizontally and the other three are aligned vertically. All the grids are filled with random letters that you can rearrange by dragging and dropping them to various positions. Players can also take advantage of the color indicators to determine if the letter is correctly placed or not.

Green-colored tiles indicate that the letter is placed in the correct position. Once the tiles are marked green, they will stay permanently and become irremovable. Yellow-colored tiles, on the other hand, indicate that the letters are in the right lane (column or row) but are incorrectly positioned while Black-colored tiles indicate that the letters are wrongly placed. Both Yellow and black tiles can be swapped but cannot be placed above the green tiles. What really makes the puzzle more challenging is the limited number of moves. Each puzzle only provides a maximum of 15 swaps. The game is over if you failed to solve the puzzle within the given number of swaps.

waffle word

Hints and Shuffle

Take note that every move you make cannot be undone so better visualize the puzzle carefully before taking any action, otherwise, you will only end up wasting a swap. Luckily, Waffle Word gives players two options to maximize their chances of winning. It provides unlimited use of Hints and Shuffles in exchange for watching reward videos. Shuffle, as the term clearly suggests, shuffles and rearranges the letters on the grid except those that are marked with greens. The Hints, on the other hand, will reveal a random correct letter on the grid. This will only last for a few seconds so make sure to remember or better yet jot down the given clue before it disappears. The use of Shuffle and Hint will not consume any swaps. Both can also be used infinitely.

waffle wordWord Descriptions, Ranking, and Statistics

Another great thing about playing Waffle Word is that all words that are used in the puzzle are valid English words. Whether you successfully guessed all the mystery words or you failed to finish the puzzle, the result will not just reveal your “Star” rating but also lists down all the words you guessed along with their respective word descriptions or meanings. This made Waffle Word not just a challenging word game but also surprisingly educational. The game also features a Statistic Board. The chart will display the number of times you played the game, the total number of stars you have earned, and the number of streaks or combos you made. It also features a Star Distribution graph showcasing the number of times you earned stars and the number of times you failed.

While the game misses a Leaderboard system that allows players to compete with other players via score chart, Waffle Word comes with a ranking system. Players will earn points for every completion. The more you play the game, the quicker your rank will progress. You start off as a Novice and you can eventually end up as a Legendary. The rank chart can only be accessed in between each puzzle.

The Verdict

Waffle Word is generally fun, simple, and surprisingly addictive. It offers a neat and intuitive interface that players can easily navigate and explore. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game is undeniably more complex than your typical cryptogram puzzle. The limited number of moves definitely adds up more challenge and thrill. It also has an impressive replay value. To top it all off, the game can be played seamlessly even without an Internet connection. It is also notably light and it doesn’t consume much space on your phone’s storage. Currently, Waffle Word is available for Android devices and you can download this fun and addictive word puzzle for free. Have fun!

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