If you are an AT&T subscriber whether you are subscribed under their Wireless Service, U-verse TV, Home Phone, or High-speed Internet service, you might still need to consider downloading their official myAT&T app to help you manage your accounts all in one place. The core function of the myAT&T app is to give users full control over their AT&T account and access all the information they need anytime and anywhere they want. The app comes with a great number of features including the ability to pay your AT&T bills digitally. It even gives you access to a virtual shop that allows you to purchase devices straight from the app. So if you are an AT&T subscriber and you do not have the app yet, feel free to download it on your device and see what else this app has to offer.

myAT&THow myAT&T app works?

Using the myAT&T app is simple and easy. Provided that you already have an active subscription under AT&T Services such as the AT&T Wireless, AT&T Home Phone, U-verse TV, AT&T Internet, or even DirecTV, all you need to do is to download the myAT&T app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get started. The first step is to sign in using your existing AT&T account. Sign in to the app with the same ID and password you use to manage your account on Once done, the app will now prompt you to the dashboard that gives you quick access to information including your current balance, billing cycle, and more. The Overview page will also give you access to View and Pay Bills, as well as the overall data usage.

To view your bills, the options will vary depending on the type of AT&T services you are part of. You can choose My Wireless Bill, My TV Bill, or My Internet Bill to view your Wireless, TV, and Internet bills respectively. The same thing goes with the Payment system. Under the My (Wireless, TV, Internet) Payment section, select your bill, enter the amount, date, and payment method you prefer. If you want to upgrade your device, you can visit the Upgrade Ready Device section of the app, select the device you want to upgrade, select the new device, and review your options. You can also get quick Support in just a few quick taps using the myAT&T app. To do so, select the Support option from the bottom menu. Select the service you want to be fixed, choose your area of interest and follow the troubleshooting steps provided by the app.


Easy Access to Account Info– With the myAT&T app, you can get all the info you need all in one place. The app gives you quick access to information including your current balance, billing cycle, and more.

Bill Pay Made Easy- Paying your bills has never been easy! With this app, you can not just check your current balance but you can also pay your bills directly from the app.

Track and Manage Usage- You can also manage and track your usage using the app. See how much talk, text, and data are being consumed by everyone in your family.

Shopping Made Easy-Shop the latest deals on tablets, phones, and accessories right from the app.

Support is a Tap Away-Support is just one tap away using the myAt&T app. Browse help topics and find answers to top questions with just a few quick taps. It can also guide you through basic troubleshooting steps that you can perform on your end.

myAT&TDownload & Install the myAT&T app

For Android

  1. myAT&T app requires an Android version 7.0 or higher
  2. It has a Content Rating suitable for everyone
  3. For Android, the app size is 54 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. myAT&T app requires a stable Internet connection.
  5. The app will ask you to grant permission to access wifi connection information, Location, Photos/Media/Files, Storage, Camera, and more.

For iOS

  1. myAT&T app for iOS requires iOS version 11.4 or later
  2. This app is compatible with various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
  3. The Age Rating for myAT&T app is (4+)
  4. myAT&T app for iOS is currently on its version 6.9.92 with recent updates providing improvements, brand new offers, and more
  5. The download size for iOS is 176.6 MB
  6. The app is available in English and Spanish languages

Download the myAT&T app

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