Getting a phone call from an unknown number? How about receiving annoying telemarketer ad calls? Just like in old days, what we need is a Caller ID to help us identify these callers and to possibly get rid of them. The only difference is that we are now using smartphones instead of telephones. We no longer need to apply for a separate service or purchase a separate device. Instead, we just have to download an app straight to our mobile devices. Truecaller is a smartphone application that comes with a great number of security features including caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat and voice features, and more. This app has everything you need to filter out those annoying telemarketers, robocalls, and other unwanted disturbances.

TruecallerHow Truecaller app works?

The core function of the Truecaller app is very much the same as the classic Caller ID services that we used to have for our telephone devices. Today, smartphone users are using this app to trace out a lot of spam calls that they get every day. Scammers and advertising companies are finding new modern ways to reach our contact information and having the Truecaller app on our device will help us filter them out. Using this app is simple. To get started, simply download the Truecaller app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once done, you will be asked to allow the app to access your contacts. After doing so, you will be prompted to the home screen.

There are two navigation panels in this app. The upper panel gives you access to Personal, Important, Others, and Spam. The lower panel, on the other hand, will give you access to Home, Contacts, Premium, Banking, and Payments. You view all your recent calls and messages by tapping the Home tab. From here, you can tap the Personal tab from the upper navigation panel to access calls and messages from the people you know. Tap the Important tab to pay bills directly from transactional SMS, and more. Go to the Others tab to access more contact details from other businesses while those numbers that are new and unregistered will be sent directly to your Spam tab. You can also activate a Full-screen Caller ID by activating the feature from your Settings.


Powerful Dialer and Caller ID– Use Voice calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free. You can also take advantage of the Call Recording feature that allows you to record important phone calls and save them to your phone. The app’s Caller ID feature allows you to identify anyone calling you and see who is calling even before they call.

World-Class Call Blocking– This app allows you to block unwanted calls and SMS. Identify and auto-block telemarketers, “robocallers”, scammers, fraud, sales, and more

Spam Detection– The app features Community-based spam reporting in real-time. Other features include Advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar digit sequences, and more!

Smart Messaging– Automatically identify every unknown SMS and automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS right away. Organize your SMS into Personal, Other, and Spam or use Flash messaging for urgent messages.

Truecaller Premium– By upgrading your account to Premium, you will be able to use the app with no ads and access other great features like the ability to know who viewed your profile, and many more.

Truecaller Pay– Truecaller Pay lets users create their unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the Truecaller app, and can instantly send or receive money using any Unified Payments Interface (UPI) supported bank. In addition, users can also do prepaid and postpaid recharges.

TruecallerDownload & Install Truecaller

For Android

  1. Truecaller requires an Android version 5.1 or higher
  2. It has a Content Rating suitable for “Everyone”
  3. For Android, the app size is 87 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. Truecaller requires a stable Internet connection.
  5. The app will ask you to grant permission to access Photos/Media/Files, Device ID, Location, Phone, Camera, Storage, SMS, Identity, Contacts, Microphone, and more.

For iOS

  1. Truecaller for iOS requires iOS version 11.0 or later
  2. This app is compatible with various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
  3. The Age Rating for Truecaller is (4+)
  4. Truecaller for iOS is currently on its version 11.17 with recent updates providing improvements, brand new offers, and more
  5. The download size for iOS is 351 MB
  6. The app is available in multiple languages.

Download Truecaller

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